Notes for all biology topics

Download O Level Biology Notes

Thanks to Mustafa Asif for your contribution! :)

Tips for studying Biology

1. Always read up the chapter before the teacher starts teaching it. It really makes a difference.

2. Pay attention in your practical sessions and actually perform the experiments. If you are a hands-on kind of person, this will help you remember the facts better.

3. Make your own study notes. Draw mindmaps. This will allow you to digest the information better and then reorganize the information in a way that you yourself can understand better. Good students always make their own study notes. Remember, good results comes with putting in effort.

4. Don't cram at the last minute! Start your revision at least 1 month earlier. This will give you time to revise all the chapters at least 3 times. The more times you revise a topic, the better you will retain the information in your mind.

5. Revise all your past tests, exams and assignments and understand your mistakes. Consult your teacher if you need.

6. It's not enough to just memorize your whole textbook. You need to practise doing the questions too. So start working on your ten-years series or other good assessment books. Once you have practised sufficiently, you will come to realize that there is only a certain number of ways they can ask questions regarding a specific chapter.

7. I know, essay questions can be a pain in the a** or neck - whichever you prefer. I suggest making a "秘笈" or "secret manual" of all the essay questions in the ten-years series. Buy an A4 ring-binder pad. Write the essay question at the top and then write out the essay yourself with reference to your textbook or notes given out by your teacher. This will take time, patience, and effort. But trust me, it will pay off. Towards your O level, you can just whip out your miji and memorize the essays that you have prepared beforehand.

8. Get enough rest before your exam day. Sleep early. You have nothing to worry about if you have done the previous steps because you would be very well prepared. It's important to have a fresh mind so you can be in good shape for your exam.