Paper 2 (Comprehension) Tips

  • Keep too the time schedule of 1 hr 10 min to complete the comprehension and vocabulary questions and 30 min to write the summary

  • Read both passages carefully before attempting to answer any of the questions.

  • Jot down the main themes of each paragraph in the margins so you do not lose track of the points.

  • Understand what the question is asking you. Inferential questions are tricky and require further analysis.

  • Do not ‘lift’ points from the passage, paraphrase so that you answer the questions directly.

  • When a question says "use your own words", do exactly that without changing its meaning as found in the passage.

  • Answer all questions in complete sentences.

  • For vocab questions, analyse the context that vocabulary is used in a sentence and determine its meaning.


Comprehension practice paper and answers

Comprehension and summary notes