First entry

Post date: Oct 07, 2011 3:5:16 AM

Hi all, I've decided to start a blog page where I can pen my thoughts and share some tips on studying occasionally. :)

For those taking O levels this year, you probably have 2-3 weeks more to your first paper? If you have not started studying, now is the time to do so! Some of you may feel overwhelmed by all the subjects you have to study for, or feel confused about how to study certain subjects like History and social studies. Well, I am no expert but I can offer some tips that had helped me pull through my O levels years back.

For essay-type questions like those in biology, history, and ss, I find it useful to write out my own full answers to these essay questions in a notebook, and doing this allows me to revise/memorize more easily when the exam date draws near. Also, use acronyms to remember lists of points.

I think it's a good idea to make your own mindmaps for each chapter too! The limit for each chapter should be 1 page only, coz that's the whole idea right? To condense all the key points onto 1 page.

The least effective way to study, in my opinion, is to just read your textbooks. Studying isn't like reading a storybook. You need to digest the info and learn to apply it. That is why drawing mindmaps is useful as it helps you link up the concepts and understand them.

Good luck!