Save the bookstores!

Post date: Oct 16, 2011 1:42:56 PM

I read with horror about how PageOne could be the next in line of bookstores to close down in Singapore after the demise of Borders. Everyone! Get out there and buy a book (or more) NOW! We can't let anymore bookstores close down! Even with the new ebook formats, I still find it better and easier to read the print version. I like being able to lie on the bed or sit on a couch and flipping the physical pages, and being able to flip to any page I like in an instant. You would have to scroll through on a tablet to get to different pages. I sure hope that print books would not go out of print any time soon. That would be horrible! So please, everyone, after your exams, buy a book and read! Can help to improve your English and your general knowledge isn't that great?!