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"Thank you so much, your site has helped me more than I could possibly explain. You have given me, a 16 year old mother, student, redhead and rebel to the cause, the means by which I can stay up to date with school and keep my sanity. The notes are so well put together and easy to understand. You have literally saved my term." (8 May 2018)

"Hey. I have been visiting your website for quite a time and it has greatly helped in my studies for o levels. Thank you for those." (13 Apr 2018)

"Hi,Your website is absolutely gold for o level students. The topic wise notes are really helpful and everything is well explained. From a past few days, this website has helped me a lot. I know it takes effort to manage and maintain resourceful websites and, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift!" (13 Mar 2018)

"Dear sir Your notes are literally the best I got till now after so much effort finding for notes.I am sitting for my olevels this year on May.This site has already helped me a lot but I would request a help from you about posting GCSE Environmental management notes and also the GCSE mathematics syllabus D the rest of the complicated lessons like menstruation,transformation,statistics,probability,quadratic equation,simultaneous equation and the rest of the difficult topics.It would be a very great help. Thanking you in advance. I ask for your apologies in advance if I had given you work in uploading the other notes" (27 Jan 2018)

"I had just visited your websites a few times and i find the information very helpful and useful and quite up to date. I definitely love the effort which you put in just to help those in need of notes or those who are not in school anymore. Your notes really helped me and my friend to understand and improve in our O levels. God bless you and may good and wonderful things come to you!:) Thank you so much once again." (6 Jul 2017)

"Hey ya I want to share this news with ya that I got straight A's and your valuable and knowledge website played a vital role :) " (20 Aug 2016)

"Your website (gcestudybuddy) has helped me greatly and is perhaps the only reason I was able to complete my syllabus, let alone revise it. It has been a ray of light at a low point in my life and for that I am grateful. I hope you continue to add to it, and further help students. I will definitely recommend your site to all O level candidates I know. Best of luck with your future, and thank you." (30 May 2015)

"Good evening!! I'd just like to thank you so much for creating such an amazing website. I came across it today while looking for situational writing formats and i was dumbfounded by the variety of subjects and topics that you have instored as well. Thus, I couldn't resist the urge to acknowledge such a wonderful and thoughtful masterpiece. THANK YOU again!! :)) - A very awed student" (26 Apr 2015)

"Sir, you have done an awsome Job By creating

many students are blessed with your compliation of notes,exams etc

I should have thanked you earlier but its never late Thank You soo much !!!


"Hi, I am so happy! I came across your website today and I had this big smile on my face like haha teacher available 24/7. This website is VERY helpful. Thank you SO much for taking out your time and compiling everything in one website and yes, I do click your ads too. Anyway, Good Luck! Keep it up! :') You're awesome, urbangeek. ;)" (9 Dec 2014)

"hey, how are you ? i was searching for notes and i found your site and to be honest it's really helpful, so much information but i want to ask about Urdu B .. can you also add the notes for urdu B if possible ?" (15 Nov 2014)

"Hi, i saw ur website and i'm fun of it for revision. Well hum i got a problem with a physics homework and i wanted to know if you could post it on ur site and give room for any to solve it, thanks in advance!" (12 Oct 2014)

"Am an English Language and Literature in Africa at a college with material challenges,but your website has greatly been of help. Nevertheless,I wonder if you can upload anything on registers in English?" (8 Oct 2014)

God bless you,indeed.Will click on adverts,pal!

"The website you have produced is fantastic." (8 Aug 2014)

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"Thank you Sir! I give my humble thanks and blessings to you! :) I am grateful to you! because of your marvelous and informative website I have been able to achieve good marks in school! :D

But Sir, i wanted some help and some guide for the 2014 May CIE International Exam. I want to make my parents proud and show them that I am capable of achieving good grades in o level!" (9 Apr 2014)

"sir, I would like to first of all appreciate you on such an amazing collection of materials and handouts that you are providing to the students free of charge. you remind me of Khan academy who actually received a sizeable prize from google. i wish the same and even higher." (3 Apr 2014)

"I like your notes, thank you especially your physics notes and mathematics I got distinction in both of them. Thank you a lot Sir! I will appreciate it if you can help me in A-level Chemistry! Thank you again Sir! :D" (26 Feb 2014)

"This email is being send to you with utmost intention to tell you that Your website is really helpful. I have found a great help there regarding the subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc." (28 Jan 2014)

"Thanks for hosting this fantastic website of yours. I am taking my GCSE O levels this year, and i am glad that i found your notes. It has made me understand many of my previously unknown concepts, and have given me motivation to study well!

-A very satisfied student from JWSS" (27 Jan 2014)

"Hi, I am Daphne. I came across your website and i find it really helpful! I am enrolling into a private school next year for some prep courses for o level examination. However, the rest of my time i think i'll rely a lot on your website. I hope you can list out the key points in every topics and tell us which are the more important ones to take note of and it will be really good if you can include some common questions found in the o level papers for the past few years. Lastly, i would like to thank you for all the efforts on this website because i believe that it will definitely help a lot of students. " (18 Dec 2013)

"well first of all i will appreciate to u that u have made good effort to merge all useful data in just one site really it is very useful information i hope that this website can bring change or success in life of any individual i want to know that from where r u i mean from which country u may belong to and i am very thankful to u " (13 Dec 2013)

"Hi, I really like your website of GCE Buddy, and you are doing a great work for other students but there are no resources for A level sciences and i am afraid i can't find any good sites, having wealth of resources. However, your site is the best and i'd like you to give me info about any other A level sites for physics and chemistry or you upload some good stuff!!" (11 Nov 2013)

"your website is really a complete package for o-level revision!!! i really to thnks u a ton..... it was really of a great help i hope a level pure science notes will be available sooner" (1 Nov 2013)






MAY GOD BLESS YOU" (22 Sep 2013)

"Hey im proud of you guys ur website is a magic it transformed me to be a genius at school. I just passed all my subjects that i have been doing. i was wishing to go forward to 'A'level bot unfortunately my family couldn't afford so They are sending me to college next year once again i say thank you for maximum help" (19 Sep 2013)

"I just wanted to say that I am not very good at physics but your notes were really helpful and the simplicity of them made me understand physics in a better way

keep up the good work and thank u......may GOD bless you" (28 Aug 2013)

"thks for your notes really they are good" (23 May 2013)

"The notes on study buddy help me loads 😊 thanks a lot From lorsh" (22 May 2013)

"hii,thanks alot for those notes and they are really helping me in o'levels." (30 March 2013)

" Your website is very useful, my friends and I appreciate that. " (8 March 2013)

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i really like what you are doing to help us,student.please don't stop and i hope that there will be more to discover in your site " (12 Feb 2013)

"Hello. This is just to thank you for the free notes on your website. I'm truly grateful to you." (6 Feb 2013)

"Thank you so much for the online notes made available to all. I am really thankful for the google site :) Thank you! Have a blessed day ahead :)" (27 Jan 2013)

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This really helped me and my classmates.. because we were not so confident for our o levels as we are private school students.. after we went through your website.. based on each subject..we got the knowledge and skills to tackle the questions and we were able to do my prelim exams well.. i am improving my english and thanks to you and your assistances. I will try my best to spread your website to the weaker students in Singapore. (:" (1 Sep 2012)

"I will be writing my o'level's next year and your website has more than helped me in all my subjects. Thank you very much, your work is greatly appreciated." (27 July 2012)

"Hi, i have visited your site, it is really helpful and beneficial. Esp all the chemistry notes. Very good explanations and easy understanding. " (12 Mar 2012)

"Hi, I find your website really useful especially for a O level student." (9 Mar 2012)