Applications of Physics

Tips for studying Physics

1. Recognize that Physics is a conceptual subject. You cannot just simply memorise the concepts. You need to fully understand the various laws. You need to know how to apply them correctly.

2. You must know that some topics in Physics are directly or indirectly related to another topic. So, you cannot skip or drop topics and hope to do well in your O Level Physics. During a Physics Exam you may get questions that test you on a couple of related topics.

3. O Level Physics involve a lot of mathematical calculations, and this apply to A-level too. If you are struggling with Math, it is likely that you will also struggle with Physics too. Somehow there is some correlation. As you go on into higher learning, Math and Physics will become more inter-related, especially in subject like Applied Mathematics.

4. It will take a lot of discipline and effort, as well as time to learn Physics. If you are not willing to in the time and effort for the subject, then chances are you are not likely to excel in the subject.

5. Find a good Physics tutor who can act like a mentor to you. His passion, knowledge and experience to impart the concepts with in a crystal clean way, it will be of great help.


I have posted Powerpoint notes on the various Physics chapters in this section. Have fun studying!

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